Treasures Glasses holders

GripB(web)TREASURES glasses holders are especially made for OPTICAL CALIFORNIA, in India, using a wide variety of extremely pretty and colourful “ethnic”, jewel like, beads. Treasures are a must have “fashion” accessory for the woman who wears any type of spectacles.

TREASURES are manufactured to a very high standard using quality materials and feature our innovative, non slip, “rubber” grips which easily fit onto the temples of virtually any style of spectacles.

TREASURES are practical jewelled “necklaces”.

The multitude of beads used to make up these products are exquisite and the exotic colours include Cobalt, Amethyst, Emerald, Topaz and Amber.

These exclusive eyeglass holders offer the wearer an attractive method of keeping their spectacles, prescription or off the shelf ready readers, safe and readily available for use.

All Treasures are fitted with rubber end grip “B” (see image)

Optical California offers a modern, stylish, unobtrusive point of sale display and the sale of TREASURES eyeglass holders, if promoted and displayed properly, can create a profit which can go a long way towards overhead costs with little expenditure or effort.