magnifeyes Sun Readers

Included in the “Magnif-eyes” ready reading glass collection are a special collection of ready reading glasses fitted with “sun glass” lenses allowing the user to read, with comfort, in sunlight without fear of discomfort. These glasses are available in a variety of attractive colours and patterns.

Not only are the “sun readers” designed to look like highly fashionable regular stylish sun glasses, they are fitted with high quality aspheric UV400 Cat. 2 “sun” lenses.

Available in models for both sexes these sun readers are both comfortable and attractive.

aligned_casesA “must have” item for anybody who needs the wear reading glasses and enjoys outdoor reading.

Like regular “Magnif-eyes” readers, all the sun readers are supplied with both a toning protective hard plastic case and a high quality microfibre cloth pouch which can also be used for cleaning the lenses.

Magnifeyes Display (20)

Acrylic holds 20 Pairs

Magnifeyes Display (6)

Acrylic holds 6 Pairs

Magnifeyes Display (30)

Acrylic holds 30 Pairs