5 Ways small businesses can increase brand awareness

1. Everyone Loves A Freebie!

What better way to get your brand out there than literally putting it into people’s hands? There’s a number of different products at your fingertips that you can brand with your logo so whatever you choose – sprays, cloths, bags, cases – there will be a constant reminder to your customers to return and gives you the opportunity to have your brand in the homes of everyone you interact with.

2. Get Social

One of the most cost effective ways to build your brand and raise your profile locally is to have a social media presence – and use it! So whether it’s a facebook page, twitter account, pinterest board or a blog – use it wisely by creating fresh content that followers will want to share and have fun with it by using contests that encourage your customers to participate

3.  Ask for Reviews

Who these days doesn’t read a review about a product or service they are buying? If you can build up a number of positive reviews, either online or by seeking customer feedback, you can grow  your reputation and have something to shout about in your marketing.

4. Get Involved

Participate in your local community! If your town is putting on a local event, ask to have a presence! Or better still, create a local event and get other local companies involved! Partnering with local charities or sponsoring local sports clubs is another great way to raise the profile of your business and get people talking in a positive way about you.

 5. Be the no. 1 choice

You may have lovely branded products and literature but if the service a customer receives does not mirror the image portrayed in company branding, all your hard work means nothing. There is nothing quite as powerful as word-of-mouth advertising when it comes to building your brand and the better your customer service is in your business, the more you can rely on word-of-mouth referrals as an effective marketing strategy. So invest time in making sure you are the no. 1 choice to visit in your local community.


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