Winning Window Displays

As Christmas is approaching you may already have got your window display all sorted but in case you haven’t – here are 7 tips to create your winning window display!

  1. Plan your windows for the year

This may sound daunting but in the same way as your social media content, your PR activity and any promotions you run – a lot of your window displays can be planned based around your other marketing activity – whether it is seasonal (Valentines day in February for example) or ties in with something happening in your community – a little bit of research and forward thinking will help keep your windows fresh and enticing.

2. Assemble your creative kit!

Start by collecting together some basic craft bits that should comprise your window display tool box. Scissors, tape, stapler, hole punch, laminator, pens, optical and themed props, hammer, screwdriver etc. Once you have assembled the basics of your tool box you can get started bringing your ideas into practice (literally).

3. Tell a story

Now that you’ve come up with your theme for each display, and the basic tools for the job – you now need to create a story that will make people stop and take a second look. For example, rather than a generic red valentines theme, link the theme to the products e.g. I only have eyes for you.

4. Have a focal point

Look at your window from the passer-by’s perspective and determine where that focal point should be and how big in comparison to your window. Create a key area that will draw attention.

5. Keep it Simple

Don’t clutter up your window with lots of different objects. Window displays don’t need to be very expensive – a simple and striking display creatively put together will do the job and attract clients in.

6. Keep it Fresh

Update your window display every 1-2 months with new ideas and a fresh themed look. And if you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at some Christmas Window Display Inspiration over on our pinterest board!

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